SweetLeaf Stevia

SweetLeaf Stevia (70 packets) is a deliciously sweet, premium natural sweetener. Extracting using only cool, purified water from only the highest quality stevia plants, and mixed with superior, prebiotic inulin, a 100% natural soluble, vegetable fiber responsibly sourced in stevia’s native Latin America. The only 100% natural sweetener with zero calories, zero carbs, and zero glycemic index! Inulin is an all nautrla, soluble vegetable fiber that nourishes the good intestinal flora which supports immune function and promotes digestive health. Sweet Leaf sweetener is also a healthy choice for those with diabetes. Each packet equals two servings.

Serving Size:                                                        ½  gram (½ packet)

Servings per container:                                   140  (1 packet sweetness = 2 tsp sugar)

Amount per Serving:

SweetLeaf Stevia

Inulin soluble fiber


 Other Ingredients: None

 Suggested use: As desired.

  • SweetLeaf Stevia
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