D-Mannose is a simple sugar produced in the body and occurring naturally in certain fruits, especially cranberries and pineapples. The adult dose of D-Mannose is more concentrated in D-Mannose than these fruits or juices, and studies suggest that D-Mannose is ten times more effective than cranberries.
Nearly all ingested Mannose gets excreted through the kidneys and into the urine.  Research suggests that lectins, present in the urinary tract and bladder, adhere to the D-Mannose more readily than they do to the walls of the urinary tract. This action helps support the body’s ability to flush out these unwanted particles through the urine.  D-Mannose users report that they can feel the effect in 24-48 hours.
D-Mannose is not capable of killing either “friendly” or harmful bacteria. It simply supports the naturally protective “flushing out” mechanism of the urine. D-Mannose helps maintain a healthy environment for the urinary mucosal surface.

Serving Size:  1/2 teaspoon

Serving per Container:  50

D-Mannose  900mg

Other Ingredients:  None

  • D-Mannose
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