Vag Pack Suppositories

Vag Pack Suppositories (12 count) is a depletion pack for healthy vaginal tissue maintenance. Vaginal depletion packs inhibit local bacterial growth, stimulate the body to slough off abnormal cervical cells, and promotes lymphatic drainage. Vaginal depletion packs draw fluid and infection out of the uterus. These therapeutic effects make vaginal depletion packs effective in the treatment of such conditions as cervical erosions, acute and chronic cervicitis, abnormal Papanicolaou (Pap) smears and conditions of pelvic congestion.
Active Ingredients: Hydrastis 6x HPUS.
Inactive Ingredients: Bitter orange essential oil, Cedar leaf essential oil, Cocoa butter, Ferric subsulfate, Hydrastis (botanical goldenseal), Magnesium sulfate, Tea tree essential oil, Vitamin A (retinol palmitate).
Suggested Use: Remove plastic wrapper and placer 2 suppositories again the cervix followed by placement of a tampon and leave in place for 24 hours. Frequency of application varies according to condition. Please consult your Vis Clinic doctor.
  • Vag Pack Suppositories
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